Former Innkeeper Ingram

For the past 50 years Ingram has been an Innkeeper providing welcoming folks from all over the world. Ingram left New York City and his job teaching woodworking internationally for the United Nations in 1966. Seeking a quality of life more connected to nature he purchased an old Shaker gristmill, on land once inhabited by Native Americans. The building was in bad shape but slowly and with love and craftsmanship Ingram rehabilitated the building using the skills he had taught others for years. The idea that many folks might want to enjoy a brief respite from the frantic urban life they led inspired Ingram to open the Inn at Shaker Mill Farm. His idea took root in the hearts of many. Ingram’s dream was to live the rest of his life on the property and transfer ownership of the Inn to someone who would allow him to do so. We are honored to provide him with that opportunity to spend the rest of his days here.

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