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Rare and intimate opportunities to spend time reconnecting to the Earth with the Teyuna

The Teyuna, living in the vast Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains along the northern coast of Colombia for thousands of years, have been called “The Dalai Lamas of South America” due to their wisdom, their pacifism and their unequaled respect for tradition.

Their traditional lands range from the snowfields atop the mountain down to the coral reefs of the Caribbean, meaning that they are one of the few indigenous cultures in the Americas managing highland, lowland and marine ecosystems. It was the Teyuna, who, in calling attention to melting glaciers over twenty years ago, served as some of the first harbingers of climate change.

They are here out of genuine concern to help us open up to a new awareness of our relationship to the earth at this critical time in our planet’s evolution. We are honored to host this series of public events and private gatherings at the Inn. We can develop a new level of earth wisdom and strengthen our own inner organs of perception by spending time in the presence of the Teyuna, a rare and precious opportunity.

Host Your Own Events at the Inn

If you are interested in booking the Inn at Shaker Mill Falls for your own retreat, the Inn offers the perfect space for group retreats up to 30 people. We offer a wide range of options for accommodations, including tailored catering service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and access to our private common areas and beautiful grounds with outdoor seating areas.

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