About a year ago I (Michael here) reconnected with my high school friend, Fritz (more commonly known today as Frank). We grew up in the lively world of 60’s Brooklyn and have kept in touch over the years. We met on a bus to see a Shakespeare play and have had an on going conversation ever since, even when a few years intervened. As “autumnals” (young Boomers) neither of us wants to go quietly into that good night. We want to be doing something that lights up our brains, something we’re passionate about. Something that is meaningful and is of service to others and to the earth. Something that will leave the natural world a better place for future generations, educating young and old alike, with generations becoming wiser together.

A number of years ago, while searching the area for lodging for a retreat I was hosting, I became aware of this wonderful stone inn located in New Lebanon NY. It is on the Taconic Ridge at the edge of the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. There are many wonderful natural places and first rate cultural venues within 30 minutes, really amazing! I met and became friends with the Innkeeper, Ingram, and have maintained that friendship ever since. Here is where the story gets interesting.

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